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eRecordsUsa provides innovative cloud-based document management and file sharing service. Users can synchronize files across devices and share files with others outside the system.

In today’s fast paced business environment companies need to collaborate securely and rapidly with customers and partners. Traditionally employees have used email, file servers, ftp servers and lately cloud-based file sharing systems. Employees have varying degrees of access to these different mechanisms with email being the most prevalent.

Businesses need reliable and easy to use document management and sharing systems to make their employees more efficient and also project a professional image to their partners and customers.


We work with our customers to understand their requirements and ensure that their onboarding experience is as smooth as possible. During trial period we actively engage with the business sponsor to provide any assistance, training, demo help them may need.


After the initial trial period is complete, we work with our business sponsor to help them manage the rollout to wider user base.


As we and our customers learn and provide feedback, we try and incorporate valuable inputs back into our product where feasible. We believe in very proactively working with our customers. Enhancement requests where practical are incorporated into our product within a few weeks.

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